Hello Families!

Last week sure ended with alot of excitement! During centering we absolutely nailed our BIG ONE challenge of popcorn counting off, on Friday, first try! And of course, the big snow! What a fun way to end the week.

During word work, the focus was on Verbs. Of course, we used all of our accumulated knowledge of parts of speech to write sentences, using different colors to identify the nouns, adjectives, and verbs. We did some Mad Libs and made our own fill in the blank pages for fun.

Math class is really skipping along with our adding and subtracting large numbers, with some regrouping. We have been opening our class with some different types of mental math. One of the complex opening mental math excercises had us doing...

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Woodson Branch Chickens are laying eggs. After seven months of patiently waiting, our girls are finally laying eggs. Everyday WBNS, 1st and 2nd graders feed our flock of 15 laying hens and 1 rooster. A few weeks ago during our daily feeding routine we discovered two small pullet eggs, and everyday since we have been collecting our eggs. We are now collecting, on average, up to 5 eggs a day. As the seasons progress our hens will start laying more. If your family is interested in purchasing WBNS eggs please see Ms. Lenore.


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Hi Parents,

Next week will be our last before Winter Break. We will be making some fun Holiday goodies and will have a Winter Celebration on Friday. Students will be making ornaments to exchange among themselves as a sign of goodwill.

This Week in Phonics:

Our sight words were we, like, boy, for, and did. Our word families included the short /u/ ug, ud, and up families. We also discussed the /z/ sound as a single 'z' at the beginning of a word (zipper) and a 'zz' (jazz) or 's' (has) at the end of a word.


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Hello Kindergarten, Deer Mice families! Our class has had an exciting past two weeks. First, last week, we celebrated the children earning their "keys to the world of reading" and each child got to read a book, on their own, to an audience. Then, on Tuesday, the children completed the books they've been working on writing and illustrating, and had a publishing party, complete with popcorn and lemonade, to present their work to their reading buddies from the upper grades. Also on Tuesday, WBNS received some baby Giant Flemish Rabbits that the Deer Mice will get to take part in caring for by giving them food and water everyday. They are so cute... and huge!

Next week will be our final week at school before the holiday break. We plan on talk...

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Hello Families! This past week in centering, we made it to our BIG CHALLENGE! We tried Popcorn counting off on Friday. We made it to the number 3!!! What a fabulous lesson in taking turns talking! There was a lot off laughing and brainstorming ways to be successful for this new centering challenge. The fun continued Monday, and we were so much more successful, getting all the way to the number 9.

In word work last week we continued with adjectives and the ways they are categorized to describe nouns. We played Mad Libs to apply our noun\adjective knowledge. This week, parts of speech lessons continue with learning about verbs.

In math class last week, we started all of our classes with adding up four and five numbers using a deck of ...

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Once again I must give credit to Ms. Dana for doing a great job with the planning and executing of our science extensions. We've done some really fun experiments with refraction and reflection as we extend the curriculum that Mr. Pete is currently teaching.

We don't have a lot of time in our extension block but Ms. Dana has made sure that we use every second available to get the students actively participating in the scientific process!

Ms. Dana has done a wonderful job with our Humanities course! She has put in lots of time to ensure that our students are immersed in a wide variety of cultures and idea's.

Our current studies have been focused on how bears play an important role in the cultures and lives of people residing on the North American continent. The three bear species we have high lighted are the Polar, Black and Grizzly. We have done some wonderful mapping exercises as well as research on each individual species of bear.

On Thursday December 7th we will have representatives of the Madison County Soil and Water Conservation to discuss black bear populations in our region specifically.

We have been busy here at Woodson Branch as we constantly try to improve/streamline your child's educational experience. We have implemented some great programs to reinforce positive behavior and self awareness. We have our weekly responsibilities board as well as a currency system that earns "Branch Bucks" towards prizes and special privileges such as the "Whale Cafe." This applies to all aspects of the day including transition, class time and independent study. Please ask your son or daughter how this new program has impacted the school day!

On Friday the 8th of December we will have our last financial management class relating to the barter/trade system. This will be considered a holiday bazaar and students are encouraged to bring good...

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Dear Families,

Here's a peek at what's been going on in our classroom recently.

For our Humanities program, the focus during the months of November and December has been on the Americas. In our classroom, we've taken this as an opportunity to travel across the globe during Morning Meeting. We've learned to greet each other in different languages, explored our own cultural heritages, and heard stories from cultures throughout the Americas. This exploration will move to different parts of the world as we continue through the year.

In Financial Management, we've completed two successful bartering sessions--one for surplus items, and another for handmade goods. To wrap up this learning, our class has been invited to join the 5th-8th graders in ...

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This week we were back at it. We are working hard to wrap up the Fall semester in preparation for the Spring semester. This week in......

Our sight words were before, she, who, ran, and has

Our word families were ob, od, and og

We continue to work on using our sight word and word family knowledge when reading to increase accuracy and fluency.


In math this week we continued with subtraction strategies. We also reviewed number bonds and ten facts.

Students learned about ordinal numbers (1rst, 2nd, 3rd....) and their relevance to position, sequence and ordering criteria, as well as, the difference between a number (representing quantity) and an ordinal number (representing position or...

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