Heifer International: Real Kids+Real Animals = Healthy Happy Lives

This year, WBNS students have the opportunity to participate in the Heifer International Read to Feed program. By obtaining sponsors, reading pages, chapters, and entire books, students can help change the world through reading.

The Heifer International program assists low income families', around the world, by providing the resources necessary to reach self-reliance. One of the programs, that Heifer assists families with, is Education Empowerment. By providing livestock and training to families, families are able to earn enough extra income to pay for school fees and supplies for young girls and women. Young girls make up 54 percent of the children who do not attend elementary school throughout the world.

Heifer International also provides irrigation pumps and biogas stoves to families. Young girls, often spend over half of their day walking to collect water. Irrigation pumps help provide water closer to their homes, reducing the amount of time and energy it takes to obtain water. Biogas stoves use methane gas captured from animal waste, reducing the number of trees harvested for firewood. Biogas stoves burn cleanly, reliably and efficiently.

I hope every family at WBNS will help their child collect sponsors and read, read, read......

Goats For Peace

Donate a goat and make a difference.