Miss Amanda's Learning Groups

Hello Families! This past week in centering, we made it to our BIG CHALLENGE! We tried Popcorn counting off on Friday. We made it to the number 3!!! What a fabulous lesson in taking turns talking! There was a lot off laughing and brainstorming ways to be successful for this new centering challenge. The fun continued Monday, and we were so much more successful, getting all the way to the number 9.

In word work last week we continued with adjectives and the ways they are categorized to describe nouns. We played Mad Libs to apply our noun\adjective knowledge. This week, parts of speech lessons continue with learning about verbs.

In math class last week, we started all of our classes with adding up four and five numbers using a deck of playing cards. It was fun for the class to share their strategies for finding the sums quickly. We also focused on story problems. We continue adding and subtracting within one thousand, with some regrouping. I introduced a new game to reinforce these skills called "Roll to 100". We use two dice, place value charts, and math base ten blocks. Each player rolls both dice and add up the sums, continually trading up ones for tens, and ten tens for one hundred. Who ever gets to one hundred first, wins.

In readers workshop, we went into strategies for solving tricky words. The whole class already has a very good repertoire of strategies that they use. We learned that now that they are getting bigger, and reading bigger words, they will sometimes need to use more than one strategy at a time. Big kids can do that!

In writers workshop, I taught two new strategies for expanding their writing. I showed how to mark key words on the pages to stretch the story across pages. We also discussed how each page can have a beginning, middle, and end. I introduced a new planning tool, a graphic organizer, to help organize the writing and plan out each pages' main idea with supporting details within the story. All of the writing immediately saw improvement and exploded with details.