Miss Amanda's Learning Groups

Hello Families!

Beginning this week, Miss Stacey has been leading the morning circle, including centering activities. Her morning discussions have been beautiful. We have been learning about winter holiday traditions from around the world. Look at Miss Stacey's Armadillo blog post for more info.

During word work this week, we made some posters for the classroom to remind about adjectives. Of course, there was also Mad Lib play to reinforce all of our parts of speech work that we have been doing.

During math time this week, we did some different mental math work to keep our math brains sharp. I tried to trip up these clever kids by asking them true or false math questions. They are too sharp for that trick! I also began a timed math challenge this week. I showed them the page of one hundred single digit plus two problems, and asked them how long they estimated it would take them to complete the whole page. We had estimates up to thirty minutes! They surprised themselves by finishing at four, six, and seven minutes! Even the two that didn't finish at the ten minute mark had less than ten problems left. They were so pleasantly surprised! When we come back from break, the class will have the chance to break their time record. We also continued in our workbooks, solving addition and subtraction with regrouping, numbers up to one thousand.

All week during our ELA time, we did some SSR and finished up our afternoons with holiday and winter crafts. We made snowy pictures with white paint and cotton balls. We made salt dough ornaments for trade during our holiday party, we made snow globes, and we did a super fun STEM challenge. Each student got one paper, one pair of scissors, and one glue stick. The challenge was, how long of a chain can you make with just one paper? We measured each chain, and all of the chains together stretched across our room TWICE! One chain was eighty inches long! Many were around the fifty-sixty inch mark. It was alot of fun.

Happy Holidays, all! See you next year!