Miss Amanda's Learning groups

Hello Families!

Last week sure ended with alot of excitement! During centering we absolutely nailed our BIG ONE challenge of popcorn counting off, on Friday, first try! And of course, the big snow! What a fun way to end the week.

During word work, the focus was on Verbs. Of course, we used all of our accumulated knowledge of parts of speech to write sentences, using different colors to identify the nouns, adjectives, and verbs. We did some Mad Libs and made our own fill in the blank pages for fun.

Math class is really skipping along with our adding and subtracting large numbers, with some regrouping. We have been opening our class with some different types of mental math. One of the complex opening mental math excercises had us doing some very abstract equations, like this: 9+5=10+ ? We have also continued to add up playing cards, as many as five numbers at a time.

For readers workshop, we got into the decoding tricky word strategy of trying out different vowel sounds. The class did a word sort, looking at words with vowel combinations that sound different in different words. For example, the ea vowel team in words like beach and head. We sorted words with the ou, oo, ea, and ee vowel teams. We did this work as a class and in partnerships.

In our writers workshop, the class kept working on the stories from last week, using the new graphic organizer that was introduced last week to keep the flow of the story. The pre-planning has really helped the class remember their stories and use appropriate details to stretch the story across pages, while staying on topic. The idea is that each page can have a beginning, middle, and end.