Miss Amanda's Learning Groups

Well, it sure is great to be back at school, ready for a new year of learning.

For our short three day week last week, the focus was on review and wrapping up units in Math and ELA.

During word work, we reviewed nouns (proper and common), adjectives, and verbs. We did a word sort and we also played a game called eraser man using word cards. Eraser man is like hang man, only opposite. We start with a drawing and erase parts for incorrect letter guesses. The word spaces are made with boxes to give clues as to whether it is a tall letter, or a letter with a tail that hangs down. Not only did this game help classify parts of speech, it helps to strengthen spelling.

During math, we practiced more adding and subtracting with regrouping. We took a day to focus on story problems, knowing when to add and when to subtract. We also did another timed page with single digit plus two facts. The class enjoyed doing this and comparing their times from the last round.

Our ELA time entirely focused on writers workshop. The class goal is to complete our narrative stories and have a publishing party on Friday, January 12. Our focus for the week ahead is to do a lot of high quality revision work to make our stories the best that they can be.