News From The Coop!!

Just in case your wondering, the little house on wheels located in the upper field, is our new Chicken Tractor built by Mr. Edgar and Mr. Paul. Reusing various recycled building supplies, donated by community members, Edgar and Paul put together a chicken tractor that will fit in between our planting rows. Chickens are amazing tillers, weeders and insectivores that will help improve our garden soil while tilling it up and eating unwanted bugs. Edgar and Paul are working on a second A-framed chicken tractor that will also be used in our garden space.

We still have plenty of eggs for sale. Our chickens are laying between 8 and 10 eggs a day. Laying eggs in the mist of winter is pretty amazing and I expect our eggs numbers to continue to increase as spring time returns.

If anyone has any extra chicken feeders or chicken watering buckets we are in need of two of each for our new chickens tractors.