Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit... Run Run Run

Last Month WBNS received four Flemish Giant Rabbits from community members residing in Spring Creek.

Here at WBNS we have two alpine goats; Elvis and Smudge, one Great Pyrenees/Commodore guard dog Rowen, sixteen chickens and now four Flemish Giant rabbits. Our 5th-8th graders are responsible for taking care of the goats and Rowen, our 1st-4th graders are responsible for taking care of our chickens and with the addition of our rabbit friends our Kindergarten class will now have the responsibility of taking care of our rabbits.

Flemish Giant rabbits are one of the oldest domesticated breeds of rabbits and is considered to be the largest of all rabbit breeds. It orginated in Belgium, during the 16th century. It was exported to the US from England in the early 1890's. Today the Flemish Giant rabbit is primarily bred for its docile personality and for showmanship.

We are very fortunate to have received these four rabbits as a gift, along with a lifetime of feed from our friends in Spring Creek. We are also thankful to the York family for donating our amazingly large rabbit hutch.

I look forward to posting more photos and information about our Kindergarten class and their interactions with these amazing animal friends.

Ms. Cass