Enrichment Programs

2:30pm - 5:30pm

5 - 9 years old
10+ years old

Rate Per Student
$200 per month or $20 per day
$150 as an "add on" for full-curriculum students


Current Available Clubs

Engineering & Building Club

Participants learn all about the process of design and construction, under the mission where we nurture the ART of living. Topics of mathematics, physics, financial management, and conservation are covered as they assess the needs for a sustainable conscious life and then design and build the things we need. Projects include: shelters, solar and brick ovens, various bins, seating, game boards and arenas, value added products, and more!

Cultural Arts Club

Through the lens of nurturing the whole person through the ART of living participants explore the traditional arts of the region and beyond that support the enhancement of daily living. Teachers and community visitors bring the experience of our Appalachian and other unique cultures assessing the use and need for the hand crafts such as wood carving, basket making, quilting, and pottery; the kitchen crafts such as prepping foods from the garden to eat and preserve, cooking over open fire and baking in makeshift ovens; and the crafts that provide entertainment for our spiritual nourishment such as: group and ballad singing, story-telling, clogging, instrument making, poetry, and more!

"Crew" Theater Club Club w/ Ms. Lisa

The other, perhaps the most important, part of artful living is developing the character that is YOU and how you fit into your community and the world in general. This club is specially designed to offer the direct experience of breaking down all the areas and tasks involved in creating and putting on a show. Participants choose a "crew" and move through the tasks on their lists towards the performance day. *Students can be on more than one crew throughout the year allowing them to expand and deepen their experience in areas that suit their interests. The units include: story, plot & script writing, developing characters; their movement, voice, and motivation, designing and building: the set, the props, and the costumes, stage management and organization, auditions, rehearsal schedule and all back stage business, use of sound and lighting, ways to use technology such as video, the rehearsal process, running scenes, being actor/being audience, taking direction, practicing & memorization of the lines, marketing the show, performing the show, and reflecting on the experience.

Wild Explorers Club

This club embodies the ART of living at its deepest level! Participants experience the science that happens all over the farm and forest portions of the property engaging them in chemistry and biology through the study of plant, animal, and human life. Projects include exploring and building habitats, data collections as "Citizen Scientists", animal tracking, plant identification, and bee keeping. Other subjects covered throughout are electricity, outer space, anatomy, astronomy, and more!

Photography & Journalism Club
(Ages 11 & up)

This club is designed specifically for the older kids ... it focuses on producing the school yearbook publication through the art and skill of photography and synopsis style writing.

Other Daily Club Happenings


Sports & Group Games
Soccer, basketball, baseball, thunder ball, game making, sledding, football, disc golf, ultimate Frisbee; participants may choose group or individual engagement.

Hands-ON Projects
Teachers and community visitors facilitate an engaging, thoughtful project design for the different age groups that coincide with the club theme of the day. *These will not begin until about 3:30pm just in case we have students coming school day programs.

Students will work together to prepare a healthy snack and teachers will help facilitate reflective conversations regarding the daily club themes.

Forest Time
Students will have time experiencing the 20 acres of pristine woods with multiple hiking trails and creeks with endless waterfalls, learning about forestry, trail maintenance, plant and tree identification, creek care and pooling, animal tracking, and woods shelters.