trailfest 2017


Trailfest 2017 Is Calling EVERYONE to Meet Up Back in Hot Springs

As many of you know, Hot Springs has the honor of having the famous Appalachian Trail go right through the main street in town, the only real "trail town" in North Carolina. We love to celebrate that fact as often as possible! And what an opportunity we have to welcome the world to our little town as the hikers file in from all over the world. A wonderful variety of activities have been designed to get us all mingling and connecting.

We are shouting out to EVERYONE: get off that couch, move those muscles and bones, GET OUTSIDE, and lets celebrate bicycles, skateboarding, hula-hooping, river rafting, roller skating, soccer, yoga, walking, swimming, making music on the porch, outdoor crafting, climbing, jumping, and of course, HIKING!

This is a FREE family event with lots of community involvement all weekend long. We'll kick off on Friday, April 21 with a delicious (and cheap) spaghetti dinner, play all day Saturday, April 22, and have pancakes and a big fat soccer game on Sunday, April 23.

The Boffer Wars and Rock Climbing Wall will be open and FREE all day on Saturday!

Come to Hot Springs and GET OUTSIDE with us! NO EXCUSES!

Hosted by and in support of Madison County Community Learning Centers, a non-profit organization serving children ages 3-13 years old with preschool, elementary, middle grades, after school enrichment programs, and summer camps. Proceeds raised through the silent auction, duck race, t-shirt sales, pancake breakfast, vendor donations, and bicycle raffle go toward helping families in need participate in the above services. Thank you for your support!

2017 Agenda