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Happy Friday

November 13-17

We had a wonderful week. The weather is perfect and everyone is excited about the upcoming holiday!

This week in.....

Math: Students continue to build their subtraction skills through multiple strategies. Our focus this week was relating subtraction facts within ten to the missing part of a number bond where students learned to write two facts (subtraction sentences) for a given number bond and to count back to subtract.

Phonics: In phonics we reviewed the sight words give, him, them, and here. Our word families were _ig and _in. We revisited all short vowel sounds and discussed the vowel controlled 'rs'- ar, ir, er, ur, and or.

ELA: Reading- Students are given 25 minutes of silent reading everyday during which time I pull individual students to read with them. Our reading activities vary depending on each students reading skill/level. Emergent readers work on basic phonic readers blending sounds to move through text. Beginning readers are working on scooping up familiar words and sounds to build fluency. Higher level readers are working on trick words, new vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

Writing-This week we continued to focus on sentence structure and sentence types. We started a new narrative in Writer's Workshop with the hope of having a publishing party soon!

Centering: Ms. Amanda has been doing a fantastic ongoing centering activity with the students related to counting, procedure, patience, and string. Please see the pictures.

Forest: Forest is fun! The Kids are having a blast with the many, many leaves!

**Humanities: Student's learned about grain and bread making in Horticulture this week. In class, we discussed the importance of corn to cultures around the world and shared the significance of learning to grow native crops to the settlers in early America. Students made a corn/gratitude decoration as a special project.

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