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Hi Parents,

Next week will be our last before Winter Break. We will be making some fun Holiday goodies and will have a Winter Celebration on Friday. Students will be making ornaments to exchange among themselves as a sign of goodwill.

This Week in Phonics:

Our sight words were we, like, boy, for, and did. Our word families included the short /u/ ug, ud, and up families. We also discussed the /z/ sound as a single 'z' at the beginning of a word (zipper) and a 'zz' (jazz) or 's' (has) at the end of a word.


Math this week was a review of number sense and operations for 0-10 and an intro to the numbers 11-20, as well as, the beginning of place value.


We finished our unit on writing narratives and had our first publishing party! Our goal was to have at least one full sentence for each page. Most students exceeded this goal! Additionally, we continued our discussion on Main Idea and Key Details and have begun work on our first book report.

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