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Hello Kindergarten, Deer Mice families! Our class has had an exciting past two weeks. First, last week, we celebrated the children earning their "keys to the world of reading" and each child got to read a book, on their own, to an audience. Then, on Tuesday, the children completed the books they've been working on writing and illustrating, and had a publishing party, complete with popcorn and lemonade, to present their work to their reading buddies from the upper grades. Also on Tuesday, WBNS received some baby Giant Flemish Rabbits that the Deer Mice will get to take part in caring for by giving them food and water everyday. They are so cute... and huge!

Next week will be our final week at school before the holiday break. We plan on talking about how different cultures and different holidays use light to celebrate during this dark time of year and we'll also have a class celebration on the last day of school. We'll light candles, sing, and exchange presents and hugs to show appreciation and caring for each other until we see everyone again at the beginning of the year.

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