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Welcome back Deer Mice! I hope everyone had a wonderful, warm, winter break. The children have been excited to be back at school, see their friends, and tell us all about the adventures they had and people they saw over the holiday break. We are also excited to celebrate Ms. Kate's birthday today! The kids made her some sweet cards and we sent her on a special break in the middle of the day to put her feet up and have tea and cookies.

I wanted to let you all know about a couple of changes that are happening in our class now that the new semester has begun. First, we have replaced our story/rest time after lunch, with just story time. Now, instead of reading one story, then going to our rest spots for 20 minutes, we are gathering in the Book Center and reading three or four stories together before we head into the forest. The children seem to like this change in the schedule, and they are still able to have a little time to chill and digest before we go outside to play. The second change is that Kindergarten will now be participating in a Specials class (i.e. science, handwork, PE, theater and forest) once a month. I will keep you updated on which Specials subject we'll have each month and any cool activities that go along with it. This month, January, we will get to have Science class with Ms. Chris, who will be teaching us about turtles!

I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend!

Ms. Lou

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