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Hi There. Well it was another short week with the MLK holiday, snow day / delay, and Ski trip. However, we did manage to get a little bit done :)

This week in

Phonics: We reviewed proper nouns and explored pronouns. We looked at letter combinations that make the long A sound including: a, ai, ay, ey, a_e, and eigh. We did not have new spelling words this week due to the spotty attendance.

Math: This week in math we looked at 2-d and 3-d shapes. We talked about their lines , points, and faces. We identified examples of these shapes in our environment. We also used shapes to explore and make patterns.

ELA: In ELA we continue to look at the components of fictional stories. This week we compared and contrasted the characters, plot, and setting of two stories written by the same author.

Centering: We continue to practice breathing and centering for relaxation and focus. Our Words of the Day were: Doubt, Confidence, and Yes (as in YES we can).

Pictures from this week:

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