Hi and hope everyone is keeping warm!

I just want to share that, as a class, we spend a lot of time outside exploring and playing in the forest, as well as, moving from one campus area to the next on multiple trails and pathways. Every moment is a learning experience and all of what we practice in the classroom transfers to the outside world and vice versa. It would be impossible to share in the blog all of our daily experiences. My hope is that by sharing what we are focusing on academically, families will be able to integrate our lesson content into their home-life and beyond to further support learning and, to highlight the authentic / practical place that math, reading, writing, science etc. have in our lives. I believe it is important to not only teach students the subject content but, also teach them how to apply the knowledge and skills learned to the world around us. This is something that happens organically as we move through our day at WBNS.