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What is there to do in a light rain at Woodson Branch? Recorded run times around the property, and basketball sounded pretty good to us. Every PE class for the last 3 weeks have started with organized stretching to prepare for a timed run around our track. Students are given the option to walk being that there are a few muddy spots on the path; with that said there are many students who take the run very seriously and have laid down some extremely impressive times. The goal in all this is to get our students to improve their time each week. For example Charlie, and Kenyan both decreased their run times by 30 seconds! Great job guys!

After everyone was able to take a breather we jumped right into a basic lesson of basketball with guest Mr. Garret. Mr. Garret comes from a long line of fantastic basketball players and has worked at the YMCA coaching basketball for quite some time now. The improvements were easily noticeable even after just 30 minutes of professional instruction. Mr. Garret went over all the basic rules, fouls and techniques on how to pass, shoot, and dribble correctly. There are still 2 more weeks of basketball and everyone is excited to hone in these skills!

Guest Instructor Garret explaining what a foul is!

Guest Instructor Garret explaining what a foul is!

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