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Hi Everyone....February has flown by and we have been super busy. Valentine's was a blast and the warm weather has all of us in a buzz. Just a reminder, we will be wrapping up our Heifer Read to Feed program and will be switching from Baggy Books to a focus book as per my most recent text. Students will first practice reading with Huckleberry our sweet Golden Retriever reading buddy and then to the Preschool student in Hot Springs in April. This month we have been working on:


Long U words, letter blends- lk, ct, lp, lt, nd, and ft. We are also talking about shades of meaning in words particularly verbs i.e. jump- bounce, hop, leap, bound....

Math In math, our focus this month has been on reading, writing, and decomposing numbers between 20 and 40. We are also making Friday our 'Story Problem Day' which the kids seem to really enjoy.

ELA Reading: We continue to explore fiction and fantasy books. During read-alouds, students are learning to make predictions and come to reasonable conclusions / make inferences based on what they already know where the author does not implicitly state something. We are also talking about Author's Purpose and its relationship to books for entertainment and informational books.

Writing: The class is continuing to write fiction stories and we hope to have another publishing party soon. Additionally, students are learning about adverbs, as well as, about writing paragraphs and have had successful paragraph writing practice this week.


Our centering focus has been on taking responsibility for our actions and for making compassionate choices in the classroom, as well as, outside of the classroom. We continue to discuss individual rights and expression.

Below I have posted some pictures from our V-Day pajama-game party

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