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Hello families! We have had a wonderful and snowy week! The snow fall on Thursday made it feel like we were in a snow globe during forest time! Several students were able to make some very large snowballs out of the small accumulation that we had. We had a fun experiment, seeing if two snow balls in different locations would melt at the same rate. One snow ball got crushed, and did melt much faster. We had a good discussion hypothesizing why this was so.

During our Word Work this week we practiced spelling and spelling patterns for long a and I. We recognized the vcv pattern and common vowel teams. We had a fourteen word spelling list. We also used the list to practice alphabetizing.

During Math this week, we continued to work on the two and three times tables. We used that knowledge to solve division problems. We are finished with our current workbooks and will be moving forward starting Monday.

In our Readers Workshop this week, the focus was on non-fiction texts. Three things we went over for reading to learn were 1)pay attention to details,2) putting pieces of the text together in your mind, and 3)ask questions. We closely looked at coins to emphasize these lessons. We also discussed many other types of things that can be read to gain knowledge.

In Writers Workshop we set personal goals for writing and revising work. We should be publishing our fiction work soon! Our next unit is informational writing.

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