Dear families,

This week in Centering and Extensions, we’ve continued our conversations about responsibility, especially in our Conflict Resolution and Financial Management extensions. In Conflict Resolution, we discussed what acting responsibly would look like on our field trip to Lover’s Leap next week. Some of the ideas we came up with were being aware of your surroundings, keeping track of all of your gear, and staying in control of your body at all times. I also asked students to come up with a list of “buddies” whom they thought they could act responsibly with during the field trip, and I’ll use their lists to place each student with a buddy next week. In Financial Management, our class completed their chore proposals and they are ready to share them with you! Students know that these are “proposals,” and that proposals are subject to negotiation. This activity is intended as a one-week experiment, but feel free to continue the experiment if it works for your family. In Science, Ms. Chris has introduced our class to the periodic table of elements. This month in science will include deeper learning about atoms and elements as well as classroom experiments with cooking!

In Math, we’ve int