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Hi There. I have a few announcements this week. The first is that we will no longer be doing Baggy Books as we are moving onto focus books. Students will be practicing their focus book all month. In April we take a field trip to Madison County Community Preschool and the students will read to the preschoolers. Also, money for the Read-to-Feed is due on Monday, March 12th. Finally, students brought home finished work this Friday. It should be in their backpacks. Thanks!

What we have been doing:


This week and last week have practiced previous spelling words that are slightly difficult such as, through, where, about, and shoe. We have also been working with the letter blends ink, onk, ank, and unk. Finally, the students have been practicing putting words into ABC order.


We are continuing to work on numbers 20-40 with a particular emphasis on 10's and 1's. Students are learning to distinguish the difference between one more or less and ten more or less. They are using this knowledge to identify strategies for solving higher level addition and subtraction problems.


Reading: We are now focusing on non-fiction informational reading. We have been exploring the print features of informational text i.e. Table of Contents, headings and subheading, picture captions etc.

Writing: We are wrapping up our unit on fiction and fantasy. We hope to have publishing party in the next week or so. As we get closer, I will let you know in case you would like to attend. We will be moving into informational writing next.

Centering Our centering theme has been transformation (spring, butterflies, tadpoles, and attitudes) and support. We discussed the importance of accepting and valuing ourselves so that we may except and value others.


If you haven't already heard, we are raising t(o)adpoles. It has been an exciting venture thus far. Hopefully we can get them all the way to toad stage and release them in our gardens

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