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Good Day!

This week in the Armadillo class:

Phonics We discussed simple verb tense- past, present, and future. Our spelling words were had, done, told, was, were, went. Our letter/sound blends were mp and sp.


This week in math we backed up a little bit and practiced quick recall of plus and minus 2 equations and their fact families, as well as, doubles facts. Each week we will review basic math facts in addition to our Singapore Math curriculum. This will sharpen their mental math capabilities. Next week we will continue with doubles facts and plus and minus 3 facts.


In ELA our class practiced using the table of contents to find specific articles. Students also practiced using headings, captions, and pictures to help them understand the content of the article when the text seemed challenging.

Our writing this week involved finishing up our fictional stories and getting them ready to publish. We will have our publishing party this Monday.

Centering Our centering this week had several themes: Empowering ourselves with I AM statements, believing in ourselves, and on Friday we a rainbow chain for St. Patty's day out of wish-strips (students wrote a wish on a a colored strip of paper and we looped together into a rainbow chain. The students were asked to ponder the following quote. Their responses are always so spot on!

Forest always fun! For St. Patty's Day, students were encouraged to build Leprechaun traps. We have been enjoying free play on the sunny knoll :)

Also...Science with Mr. Pete and Ms. Chris has been AWESOME!

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