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We had a great week back after Spring Break! The weather was beautiful! I want to remind parents that we are still collecting school supplies for the Liberia school project. Please donate if you can:

Pencils, sharpeners, markers, notebooks, paper, folders, staples, staplers, glue, gently used or new flip flops...

This week we had special centering. All of the Homeroom teachers switched grades and lead centering in different classes. It was a blast and the students seemed to really enjoy the fun activities that the other teachers planned for them.

In Phonics this week we practiced identifying and writing compound words. The kids were great at this and had fun doing compound word puzzlers. We also talked about the letter/sound blends for cl, pl, and sl. Our spelling words were how, now, when, animal, tell, and from.

In math we continued our discussion and practice of double digit addition and subtraction. The students are learning to separate the ones from the tens within number bonds and then add or subtract from the appropriate box. We also reviewed even and odd numbers.

In ELA we are working hard on reading our focus books with fluency. On Wednesday I brought my puppy Dandy in for the kids to practice reading to. This will help them get ready for our field trip to the preschool at the end of this month where students will read one-on-one to a preschool student.

Students are also starting the writing of their informational text. If you haven't returned their outline to school please do so ASAP or else they will have to create a new one. Thank you!! This will be our last published book for the year and then we will move on to poetry.

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