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Hi All,

This is the last week I will be collecting for the school initiative in Liberia. Thanks to all who have donated!!

This week in our class:


Our spelling words were; over, about, boy, good, and can't. Last week we discussed compound words and this week we looked at contractions. When then compared and contrasted the difference between then as they are both comprised of two words joined together. We will continue to talk about contractions this week.


In math this week, we practiced adding 3 or 4 numbers together instead of just 2. We then explored the connection between repeat addition and multiplication. As we move forward into multiplication and division, we will continue to practice two digit addition and subtraction.

ELA In ELA, students are working on comprehension strategies. They are learning how to identify answers to specific questions about a passage within the text. We also continue focus book practice and reading fluency within leveled reading groups. Dandy came back on Wednesday for more story-time :)


Our this month has focused on awareness of our sense. We have explore touch and smell. Next week we will have fun with taste.

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