Brittany Deesing

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I have lived in a few different places around the USA, but when I first came to the mountains of WNC, I fell in love! I have lived in this beautiful area since 2012, originally coming to Asheville to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science. When I gave birth to my son in 2013, I knew it was the perfect place to raise him and turn my passions into a career.

After graduating from UNCA, I worked for Asheville Greenworks, creating and teaching environmental education programs for elementary schools all across Asheville. My passion for teaching children how to be stewards of our Earth blossomed.

The first time I taught at WBNS I did a vermicomposting workshop for the Summer Camp program kids and built worm bins with them. As soon as I stepped foot on the WBNS campus, I knew I had to be more involved with this school! Soon after my workshop, I moved closer to WBNS and started as a teacher assistant for the 3rd and 4th graders. The following year, in 2018, I got to start sharing my passion for Science, Math, Reading, and the Arts with my very own 3rd-grade class. I have been the lead 3rd grade (and sometimes 4th grade) teacher ever since, and love it!

WBNS is such an inspiring and magical place to guide children on their journey through life. I look forward to joining Clubhouse Kids on Mondays where I can help enrich children's imagination and curiosity, provide tools and knowledge to encourage their growth, and be a part of some precious memories!