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Hazel Lee Hall Dedication is happening!

On March 12th, 2pm-3pm, Woodson Branch Nature School dedicated it newest building: Hazel Lee Hall. named after the founder, Deborah DeLisle's grandmother, Hazel Lee DeLisle, the building sits proud on The Knoll overlooking the 30 acre campus. Countless volunteers over the last four years have dedicated their time, energy, talents, and money to create this beautiful space. WBNS plans to host the nice array of Specials classes (Agriculture, Outdoor Education, and Art) during the school day and adult oriented workshops on evenings and weekends to be piloted in the coming months ahead.

Hazel Lee DeLisle is a remarkable woman of 95 years in 2020. She is mother to 9, grandmother to 35, and great-grandmother to 8. Her love and encouragement to people and her deep care and kindness for the natural world is astounding; anyone in her presence is delighted and blessed beyond words. "She was the perfect choice for the name on this building", Deborah DeLisle said. "She was the inspiration for all of this".


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