Kati Puglisi

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I have lived in WNC for 15 years; I originally moved here to learn about herbal medicine & wildcrafting, and to raise my kids in nature. I have worked with and around kids, my whole life held child care programs and summer camps on my property in the past worked for YMCA Afterschool, and more.

My teaching style is centered around small doses of demonstration and inspiration, followed by ample time and support for children as they experiment, create, brainstorm, and play. I provide the tools and materials, then let loose! Woodson Branch is by far my favorite environment for teaching and learning. The 30-acre campus of forest and farm is beautiful and wild; it inspires so much curiosity & creativity!

I have been working at WBNS since 2016 (our school’s inception). In that time, I have taken on a lot of different roles, such as Enrichment Program Coordinator, Afterschool Club Counselor, Outdoor Education Teacher, Elementary Art Teacher, Campus Tour Guiddess, Adventure Playground Facilitator, among many other assistant positions with Elementary students around campus (my favorite is being in “Forest” with students, which is what we call recess at WBNS).

And now, I am super excited to open up the campus of Woodson Branch to the wider community of public school & homeschool students, with ClubhouseKids!