Keisha Rathbone | 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher

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Education & Experience:

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education for grades K-6 from Western Carolina University and completed my internship/student teaching in a 5th-grade classroom in Haywood County schools. After graduating, I taught 5th grade at Meadowbrook Elementary School before deciding that teaching in a public school environment was not necessarily for me. I explored a number of other career options over the years but eventually found myself being drawn back into the teaching field as my daughter, River, was in preschool at Woodson Branch. My passion for teaching children stems from a few wonderful teachers that I had in both elementary schools and in high school that were the inspirations that I truly needed growing up; who believed in me and helped me see the potential in myself that inspired me to excel and succeed. Each day, I strive to be that "ray of sunshine" that every child needs while helping them to grow academically and become wonderful human beings.

Teaching Philosophy:

"One becomes a well-balanced adult, only if one has fully been a child." - Maria Montessori

Favorite thing about kids:

My favorite thing about kids is their wonder, curiosity, and their innate thirst for knowledge, and the connections that can be made with a child through exploring nature.

Favorite thing about working at WBNS:

My favorite thing about teaching at Woodson Branch is how the schedule is aligned with the philosophy of letting a child still be a child and getting the opportunity each and every day to explore nature while also learning.