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Marcus Meskil | Middle School Math Teacher & S.T.E.A.M. Teacher

Education & Experience:

Marcus is rated as highly qualified in special education and mathematics. He worked several years in the public school system before becoming a teacher at Woodson Branch. While in public education much of his work focused on the exceptional children's program. He served as a job coach in high school and behavioral assistant throughout the county before obtaining his teaching licensure. He has taught a variety of subjects at Woodson Branch since its beginning, and mainly teaches middle grades mathematics.

Teaching Philosophy:

I want every student to feel successful in their own way. This means that my expectations are very much based on the individual and not the class as a whole. I hope that my students can take what they learn in my classroom and apply it to the world around them. This may be evident in other classes or it may be in more practical applications in life.

Favorite thing about kids:

My favorite thing about a room full of students is the energy and enthusiasm that I can feel. Math can be a scary thing when not approached from the correct pathway. Math should be seen as a journey and I see myself as more of a guide than a teacher. Each student looks at a problem differently and I really enjoy helping them see all the varied approaches to a solution. In my class it's not about right or wrong but about understanding how you got there.

Favorite thing about working at WBNS:

I suppose to answer these questions on a very basic level I would say that my favorite thing about teaching at WBNS is in fact our immersion into the natural world. My favorite thing about having a child who attends the school is knowing that she is getting an education that centers on many of the beliefs I hold to be true.


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