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Natalie Hesed

Education & Experience: The natural world has been my most influential and engaging teacher since childhood, and I gravitate towards humans who enjoy exploring alongside me! I completed two years of study in the field of Biology at CU Boulder before moving to NC. I've worked and taken classes in a diverse range of subjects, including botany, herbal medicine, construction, agriculture, and other homesteading and primitive skills. In January of 2021 I began work through the nonprofit Bountiful Cities, providing lessons in agriculture, cooking, and ecology to K-5 students at Hot Springs Elementary School. In summer of 2023 I worked with the local nonprofit PAGE (Partnership for Appalachian Girls Education) as a Program Facilitator for a summer STEAM camp with Middle and High School girls.

Teaching Philosophy: Cultivate joy! Play and be curious. Wonder about things and ask questions. Learning should be an adventure!

Favorite thing about kids: My absolute favorite thing about young people is their innate curiosity and desire to engage in the exploration of our endlessly intricate world.


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