Olivia Keener | 4th Grade Teacher

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Education & Experience: I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Education, which qualifies me to teach Elementary Education for grades K-6 as well as Special Education for grades K-12, from Mars Hill University. I completed my student teaching and edTPA requirements in a 4th-grade classroom in Yancey County schools. After graduating, I chose to further my education in this field and I am currently enrolled in Mars Hill University’s graduate program to obtain a Masters of Education. It is so rewarding to dig deep into concepts in my graduate program and implement the strategies in my classroom to better serve my students.

Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is heavily influenced by Abraham Maslow's humanistic approach and Hierarchy of Needs. It is my goal as an educator to ensure students' basic needs are met in the classroom so that they feel happy, comfortable, safe, and welcomed into the classroom. When students' basic needs are met, they are able to focus on learning and personal development. Additionally, I also set high expectations by promoting growth mindsets among my students. Students know that I expect them to try their hardest and strive for improvement each day.

Favorite thing about kids: My favorite thing about kids is their resilience. I admire them so much when students are willing to try a math problem again or get back up and keep running after taking a tumble in the mud.

Favorite thing about working at WBNS:

My favorite thing about teaching at Woodson Branch is getting to live out my teacher dreams that I have worked so hard to accomplish, and educate in an environment that is welcoming, happy, and filled with elements of nature and in the Appalachian Mountains that are so dear to me.