Pascha Solomon | Middle School Arts Teacher

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Education & Experience:

Pascha is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Forensic Archaeology and Near Eastern Studies. After receiving her degree she ran away with the circus and spent 15 years as a co-creator and producer of customized special event entertainment that combined theater, music, and circus. She became involved in education in the 1990s as a classroom tutor and volunteer for underserved middle school students in San Francisco and worked as the Educational Director at a historical museum in Los Angeles. Her love of teaching and the creativity of young minds led her to create fun interactive after-school enrichment programs in Wizarding, Mythology, and Theater.

Teaching Philosophy:

Pascha brings a love of play and encourages young students to dive deep to explore the beautiful and sometimes messy intricacies of the arts within themselves and as part of a global community. Her lessons are a tapestry of visual, performing, musical and natural art forms that encourage a deeper relationship with the history of our local region, a synchronistic relationship with our natural environment, and an empowered development of the uniqueness of self. When not teaching students, she is a facilitator and lecturer, a program developer and counselor with Mountain Wisdom Camps, and owner of Of Wand & Earth in Marshall, NC.

Favorite thing about kids:

Their endless creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Favorite thing about working at WBNS:

That each child is valued and their voices are listened to by all.