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Rachel Sousa | Student Coach & School Assistant

Education and Experience:

I come to WBNS with 20 years of Administrative and Management experience within a variety of community based organizations ranging from Residential Property Management, Farmers Markets, Holistic Community Centers to Yoga Studios. In each of these settings I loved getting to engage in the diverse groups that made up such beautiful communities. I currently operate my own small Holistic Wellness Practice in Asheville and love being able to help people along their journeys and believe we are all here to be of service for a greater good in whatever capacity we can. I am also a mother to five children whose ages range from 23 to 5 1/2. I'm very excited that my younger two will be attending WBNS.

Teaching Philosophy:

Waldorf Education has been the main foundation of my children's education over the years but I felt there was something more needed and finding WBNS seemed to be the missing puzzle piece. I feel there's a special magic that WBNS offers while combining it with important values from other alternative forms of education to provide the all encompassing educational experience that children thrive in. I believe in an educational philosophy that nurtures the students head, heart and hands and stokes the fire of their curiosity and imagination in the natural world around them. Creating seekers.

Favorite thing about kids:

I love children and some of my favorite things about them are their unfiltered honesty and joy. I love how within seconds of meeting they can look at one another and say "Hey do you want to be friends" makes me remember the world can really be just that simple.


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