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Sonya Monts | 1st Grade Instructional Aide and Specials, MS Creative Arts Teacher

Education & Experience: I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Columbia College in South Carolina and continued my studies to earn a Master of Science in Genetic Counseling. I was a practicing Genetic Counselor until having my own children (now ages 22 and 17). When my children were little, I began teaching dance again on a part-time basis. I taught in the private studio setting for over 20 years. I previously owned and directed my own private studio, The Dancer’s Extension, and was the dance teaching artist for Polk County (NC) Schools where the focus was on dance arts integration. In 2015 I earned my Certificate in Dance Education from the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO). I've been honored to present my work at the state and national levels through NDEO. In 2021, I completed my Post-Baccalaureate K-12 Dance Teaching Licensure and will earn my Master of Art in Dance Education through the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in May 2023.

Teaching Philosophy: My goal as an arts educator is for my students to learn the arts disciplines in a caring, nurturing environment, one that is open to creativity and collaboration for all students. My classes allow for more direction to come from the students’ questioning and investigation, weaving students' natural curiosity into our lessons. I remind students that it is acceptable to be wrong as this is simply a step in critical thinking towards finding a creative solution to a problem. I also believe that the arts are a way for each person to communicate in their own unique way. One small spark of inspiration can help students find their way to express themselves through the arts.

Favorite thing about kids: Children never cease to amaze me. Children seem to have a way of figuring out the most creative solutions to problems!

Favorite thing about working at WBNS:

Being a new teacher to WBNS, I am looking forward to combining the two concentrations in my own education: the arts AND biology. I am delighted to join the staff and to share my passion for learning, my enthusiasm, and my creativity with the students.


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