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Marshall, NC May 26, 2020:

Summer Camp is ON at Woodson Branch Nature School, an independent school located in Marshall NC. Though camp will look a bit different this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, the school’s summer program—now a virtual camp experience—has been redesigned, and the price reduced, to make it interactive and as accessible as possible. The camp will take place June 22-26.

Themed “Earth, Fire, Water,” the week-long summer camp will teach participants all about the art and skill of camping. The camp will be structured in a choose-your-own adventure style, letting campers decide whether they’d like to learn about “glamour camping” (with plenty of gadgets and gear) or “survival camping” (where the woods are the only resource), or “indoor camping” (for those still homebound). With this redesigned summer program, the school aims to bring together campers from all over the world, virtually connecting families in all kinds of environments by way of their shared love for camping.

Through lessons and activities designed by WBNS teachers, campers will learn skills like shelter building, food foraging, designing and crafting harvest “vessels,” campfire essentials, and cooking while camping. “Each day will include lessons and hands-on activities that focus on the day’s objective,” explains Josie Mundy, Camp Director. “If the day’s topic is shelter building, then campers will learn the ins and outs of how to build a shelter (either as a survival camper or as a glamor camper). Once they’ve learned this skill, they’ll be challenged to create their own shelter at home and invited to share their creation—either in a short video clip or in pictures. Campers will be able to comment on others’ work as well, making the experience even more interactive.”

Campers can move through the lessons along with the Camp Director Josie Mundy’s suggested schedule, or they can choose to set their own pace. The camp is designed such that, by the end of the week, campers will be equipped to set up their own campsite from start to finish. The camp will culminate in a virtual campout on Friday, June 26th—where campers will be invited to share via live video conference the shelters and campfire meals they’ve created with their families. “Our camp instructors will offer suggestions of ideal locations to set up camp for this virtual campout, depending on where a participant lives and the weather forecast. Camping at home is also an option!” Mundy says. “During this virtual campout, campers will get to give a tour of the spaces they’ve created. Families will also be able to share their experiences with each other and swap tales of their camping adventure!

The cost for the week is $59 per family, and the camp is open to ages 5-14 (grouped by age). “We highly encourage the whole family to get in on this experience,” adds Mundy. “This kind of camping opportunity is so versatile and can be done in almost any location, including one’s own apartment complex. We aim to teach participants just how accessible it is to enjoy nature, and to inspire families to get outside and learn something new together!

For additional information about the camp and for details about enrollment, visit

Woodson Branch Nature School, a farm, art, and forest school for pre-K through 8th grade, teaches traditional and non-traditional subjects in rural Madison County. Students have access to an abundant campus with a well-established blueberry orchard, apple trees, pastures, a tobacco barn, trails, creeks, and multiple waterfalls that serve as the property border to the National Forest. To learn more visit


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