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  • Woodson Branch Nature School, a 501(c)3 non profit independent school located in Marshall NC, is pleased to announce the launch of their new distance learning curriculum. In response to Governor Coopers school closures and stay at home mandate due to COVID-19, the teachers at Woodson Branch Nature School have embraced this challenge to deliver meaningful programs for K-8th Grade . Beginning on April 6, 2020, students will receive their lessons via Google Classroom.

  • “We approached this in a way to allow the children to continue along their experiential learning path the same as if they were on campus.” said Lenore Luster the school director.

  • The distance learning curriculum will include every subject offered at WBNS; all designed by the teachers to include ELA, Math, Science, Art, Outdoor Education, Agriculture and PE. Additionally included are morning centering prompts and material designed to be delivered outside. Almost every lesson includes a hands on, physically engaging component to solidify new concepts, the same as it would be on the sprawling 30 acre campus.

  • Lenore added “The WBNS staff has stepped right up to the challenge. We are so proud of their efforts in this new teaching platform and we are confident that our philosophy of incorporating farm, art and forest lessons within our core subjects will shine through and continue to provide the holistic education that we carry out at WBNS.”

Woodson Branch Nature School is currently accepting applications for enrollment for 2020/2021 school year; Kindergarten through 8th grade. Learn more or on Facebook and Instagram at (woodsonbranchnatureschool).


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