Enrollment Procedure

Determining full curriculum enrollment at Woodson Branch Nature School is a thoughtful, intimate, and wonderful process.  It all starts with a Guided Tour.  It is essential for us to meet you and your family in person, show you around our campus, and give you the chance to picture yourselves here.  Plus, you will have our undivided attention to answer any of your questions.  Afterwards, if you love it, we will give you an application.  (*You will note that there are no WBNS applications located online anywhere).  Next, you fill out and return your child's application and send it in with your deposit and application fee.  Once received, we will set up your Home Visit for a date between April 1st and June 30th to determine enrollment for the next school year.  You will receive a letter of acceptance or indication of your number on the waiting list, or if it's just not determined to be a good fit, a denial.  From there if accepted, we will set up the Home Visit with your child's homeroom teacher.  This will be the beginning of the teacher - student bond, a unique part of our program.

#1 Come take a Guided Tour of the school. Tours are available by appointment only on Thursdays at 1:30pm. Email: myeakley@madisoncclc.org to schedule!

#2 Fill out and submit an application with a deposit of $650, plus a non-refundable $50 registration fee. (per student). *The deposit serves as the student’s last month’s tuition upon departure from WBNS. It is also the only way to remain on the official waiting list. It is fully refundable should you ask to be taken off the waiting list at any time.

#3 The Head of School will then contact you to schedule your Home Visit to help determine compatibility with our collaborative education program.

#4 Once the decision is made regarding official enrollment, you will be informed via email (or by letter) of your child’s acceptance, and your child’s teacher will then schedule their Home Visit.