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Tour Options

Prospective New Families  *  Potential New Staff or Volunteer   *  New Schools

jenna fam.jpg
jenna fam.jpg

Prospective New Family

This tour is the very first in-person connection that begins your journey with Woodson Branch Nature School! We highly suggest that your child accompany you so that they can try to imagine themselves being a WBNS student, and how that might feel for them. We encourage prospective students to bring their own set of questions, which we will be glad to answer!

Group Tour
10am on Fridays

Private Tour
9am on Fridays
 up to 4 people

*$25 of the tour fee will be applied to your applicaiton fee if applicable


Potential New Staff
or Volunteers

Interested in potentially getting involved and/or working on the campus of WBNS?
This is the option for you!
Fridays at 10am, you can schedule yourself to join in
on a Group Tour to listen and follow along at no cost.

  Simply email your request to:
After the tour, you may email your list of questions, which we will be happy to answer!


Founder Tour

Are you interested in learning about how this school started directly from the founder, Deborah DeLisle? On this tour she shares her experience with designing, opening, and maintaining a successful alternative school in the rural Appalachian mountains.  She encourages particpants to bring their questions and she will taylor the tour to fit their specfic needs. 

Private Tour
Schedule between 10am - 2pm
Mon, Tue, Wed, or Fridays
 up to 4 people
$100 for each additional hour

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