preschool program




PreSchool  3 &4 Years Old

Our Preschool Program offers a warm and inspiring environment for our three and four year olds. We've designed for plenty of space to explore with an above average 6:1 Student : Teacher ratio. The children are utterly delighted as they discover the wide variety of fine quality toys, games, books, art supplies, and manipulatives, and stay engaged with our teacher designed group projects.


$396 per child per month
*Rates subject to change
Six spots for three and four year olds
Open Centers (in doors and out)
Circle Time
Fresh, healthy snack
Group Project
Closing Circle (reflections)

"Children are born naturalists. They explore the world with all of their senses, experiment in the environment, and communicate their discoveries to those around them."

--The Audubon Nature Preschool

Transitional Kindergarten 4 & 5 Years old

The Kindergarten cut off date in NC (regulated by the NC Department of Education) is August 31st. A child must turn 5 years old before August 31st in order to attend a public school kindergarten in North Carolina. HSCLC has prepared a wonderful, final pre-school option for 'almost' five's who fall into this category.

The Transitional Kindergarten (TK ) area of the Hot Springs Community Preschool is a lively, interactive environment for our four and five year olds. The program promotes positive socialization and hands-on learning experiences with a focus on emergent literacy through aethestedic, physical, and cognitive domains of learning. Integrating with the 3 - 5 year olds, then breaking off for small group activities with our rising 4's, we provide plenty of open times for learning through play and meaningful, developmentally appropriate learning experiences. We keep a small class size of 10 students for plenty of 1:1 attention, yet big enough for group games and practicing partner’s activities. We have proof that our strategy works! HSCLC TK Students are performing far above their peers at the Kindergarten screenings, entering Kindergarten confident independent problem solvers. After a year of TK at HSCLC, children are recommended for either kindergarten or first grade, depending on their readiness at that time.

Full Time
Monday - Friday
8am - 3pm

Part Time
Days and Hours Vary

10 spots for children who are 4 turning 5 that year

Daily Offerings
Open Centers
(in our professioanlly designed activity centers)
Group Lessons (Math & Language)
Hands-On Projects (Science& Art)
Snack and Lunch
Outdoor Play (in our nature-based play yard)
Rest & Stories
Closing Circle



Full Time
$715 per child per month
*Or with NCPreK qualified, they provide $650 towards tuition. (See details on the Financial Aid page)
*TK Program private pay families get first priority for Tuition Credit options.
Part Time
​Three Full Days or FIVE Half Days
per week
$396 per child per month