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There will be both an on-campus
AND a virtual option

with a fantastic adaptation for "home use"


Campers will be taught the exciting elements of preparing a camp space on three different optional levels: "traditional" camping (cool gadgets and camping gear),  "roughing it" camping (nothing but the woods!), and "indoor" camping (right in the comfort of your own home)!  With the interactive, informative, and FUN camp design, your kiddos will pretty much be able to take care of everything to set up a campsite by Friday! Campers will host each other to show off their shelter, share their camp foods and a fun campfire activity.

                                     On-Campus > $299 per camper         Virtual >> $79 per family

Sign up and let's get camping!!!

Currently accepting students enrolled in: K-8

*VIRTUAL CAMP for ALL ages!  (Even adults!!)


June 13- June 17  

What are we going to DO at this Camp??

This camp week focuses on the camping aspects of the farm, art, and forest >> Each day is specially designed with lessons and activities that will teach you and your children about various forms and strategies for CAMPING > with a variety of engagement opportunities.

  • Monday>
    Shelter building and wilderness first aid


  • Tuesday>
    Creating natural collection vessels for harvest


  • Wednesday>
    Foraging and garden harvest


  • Thursday> 
    Fire building and cooking contests (using the harvest from our gardens) 


  • Friday>
    Setting up the campsites! >> CAMP SITE TOUR!!  Everything in this camp week builds up to preparing for a super fun campsite tour.  All families are invited to the expo! 

*Plus each day there is a fun fishing lesson component as well!

On Campus
Camp Application >>

(print and mail in)

Virtual Camp
Application >>

(print and mail in)

To help broaden the experience

  • Camp at WBNS has a farm, arts, forest, and sports component designed into it's theme week.

  • Camps are 9am—3pm Monday—Friday.

  • We will host 1-2 Community Visitors during the camp week bringing the outer world and deeper knowledge to us.

  • Campers bring their own lunch an snacks.  We provide filtered water to refill water bottles every day.  


At WBNS we follow the current state and CDC guidelines laid out for public schools.  Staff uphold the sickness policy and send children home if they are not well and ready to participate.  Proper handwashing is taught, occurs regularly, and is monitored by staff.    *Stay tuned for more updates >>>>  

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