Dear families,

This week was full of excitement and anticipation! While we were able to get through some important work, we also left time for a few special holiday activities.

In Centering and Morning Extensions this week, we turned our focus to people other than ourselves. This started with creating a plan for our Secret Santa gift exchange and considering what kind of gifts would be special for our chosen classmates. In Humanities, we wrapped up our discussion of the Americas, and the kids got to show off what they remembered about the languages and cultures on these two continents. We also took part in a very special activity for Conflict Resolution where students wrote one thing that they admired about each of their classmates. When students opened their envelopes at the end of the day on Friday, you could see the surprise and delight spread over their faces as they read the qualities that their friends admired most in them. This was a very special moment for our class as a community!