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Yay-our first full week back since the holidays! Here is the breakdown....

This week in


We reviewed long A and long O. Students were introduced to possessive nouns and we looked at the letter blends ck and tch. We also worked on penmanship.


We explored length and weight by comparing two or more objects through direct comparison and/or by counting with non-standard units.


In ELA we continue to explore fiction and fantasy. All week we have been building up to writing a new story by analyzing and experimenting with characters, settings, and plot/ major events. Students made an outline of their new story and on Friday they started their new books. They are very excited to be writing a fictional story!

Centering: We talked more about root words and looked at the different forms of the words visual and image. We practiced using our imagination by visualizing the images to several lovely stories from the book Stories for a Fragile Planet by Kenneth Stevens.

Busy working on the outline for their new story!

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