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Repelling negativity

from the Weekly Classroom Newsletter


Woodson Branch Nature School, 4th/5th Grade Class

Ms. Debbie


This week in CENTERING > We focused on the idea of using "Centering" to repel and prevent negativity .... I won't lie; this was not an easy week, y'all. There was a lot of negativity coming off the children this week, more than I have heard from them all year. Of course it all starts with one negative comment, then add that to all the sickness, the weird weather and routine changes, and we have a wildfire of unfair, unkind, unfun everything happening that darkens a space. It felt like there was a black cloud looming over our class for most of the week, until we were finally able to turn it around on Thursday morning with our surprising "centering" activity where I had each of them light their own candle. (YES, 10 candles!) I quietly described the responsibility that we each have in contributing to the vibe of a space, to get into their candle, and work it out. Things shifted, the sun came out, they played their hearts out on The Knoll, and whoooo!!! They were back! Chirping and chattering brilliantly like they do ...........

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