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Douglas Dilhomick | 5th Grade Lead Teacher & Middle School Social Studies

Educational/ Experience: Douglas Dilhomick has been teaching a wide array of students from various backgrounds and cultures

since 2012. While completing his Master of Education degree from Temple University, Douglas worked and taught in Philadelphia area institutions and eventually expanded his role by assisting high needs schools throughout the city. In 2021, Douglas traveled abroad to teach and support children and adults in communities of the Yucatán and Chiapas, México. He has also developed and facilitated effective

communication workshops for professional staff in the coastal state of Quintana Roo. During the 2022-2023 school year, Douglas worked as the ML/EL Consultant for a charter school in Swannanoa, where he provided academic assistance for students who have different languages spoken at home. His experience stretches far beyond that of instructor, supporting and developing tutoring centers, rating SPEAK tests, designing and supporting teacher-training programs and workshops, and creating and

facilitating educational programming both domestically and internationally. His experience as an educator throughout various institutions informs his best practices for supporting students at Woodson

Branch Nature School.

Teaching Philosophy:

No two students are alike, for this reason, I focus on the diversity of the classroom and the individuality

of the student. Each student brings their own set of strengths and weaknesses to learning. This allows

for proximal development with fellow classmates. Students in my class are encouraged to assist and

learn from one another, acquiring knowledge of topics and subjects as a collective. I value myself as an integral part of our community, making sure that the impact in my classroom reaches all students far beyond school walls. Students will apply what is learned in the classroom to their daily lives. We have a duty as educators to make sure that our students are valued and supported. I am dedicated to creating a conducive-to-learning classroom environment, where each student will feel free to learn, make mistakes, build relationships, and succeed. In order to determine whether learning objectives and outcomes have been met, I apply various assessments, including but not limited to group and individual presentations, free-writing, learning journals, tests, and quizzes. Results inform next steps for future lesson plans and the implementation of various teaching and learning strategies. I am eager to apply my knowledge of teaching during the 2023-2024 school year at Woodson Branch Nature School.

Favorite thing about kids:

Having taught adults for years, I enjoy witnessing youth learn and succeed. The rewards of teaching

children are immense, and the impact we make as educators should be positive and fruitful. What I

enjoy most about teaching children is observing their ability to piece the puzzle, and their willingness to

ask important questions without bias or great interference.


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