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Deborah DeLisle | Founder and Executive Director, 4th Grade Teacher

Education & Experience:

I earned an Associate of Science in Art & Engineering from Monroe County Community College in Michigan, and a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood, plus a K-6 teacher license from Western Carolina University. I have completed some graduate work in Early Childhood Administration with the University of North Carolina and I am currently working on graduate work in Experiential Learning with Concordia University. I am a grass-roots innovator with a deep love for small-town community living and have designed several businesses over the years to help meet the needs of its people. I have been working with children for over 25 years and plan to do so for at least 25 more!

Teaching Philosophy:

"Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime"

― lots of people claim this one!

Favorite thing about kids:

I love the way they dress.

Favorite thing about working at MCCLC:

I am truly in love with this community. In all its "realness", with our differences, our creativity, our bold bravery, and our commitment to children, I am continually amazed, inspired, and energized by this project and the people who fuel it.


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