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Elijah Vernon | Fifth Grade Instructional Aid

Education & Experience:

I graduated from Madison Early College High School in 2022 with honors, and an associates of science degree from AB-Tech in the same year. I am happy to be returning to WBNS after coming on as an instructional aid last year!

Teaching Philosophy:

To me, teaching is more than just a simple transfer of information. It is also an opportunity to support and encourage our next generation in both academics and life as a whole, as well as to cultivate an outlook of inquisitiveness and growth to last a lifetime! I hope not only to positively impact my students' academic journeys this year, but also to serve as a role model of 'lifelong student'. It's important to remember that nobody is truly done learning!

Favorite thing about kids:

My favorite thing about kids is their curiosity and sense of wonder! I feel that these qualities not only naturally contribute to an excitement for learning; they also lend themselves towards the invaluable skills of living in the moment and enjoying life.

Favorite thing about working at WBNS:

I love that this school has so much opportunity for student interaction and one-on-one engagement! This allows for much more personalized instruction, and a much more wholistic view of each individual's progress that is sadly often lacking at other schools.

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