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Heather Maness | 1st Grade Teacher

Education & Experience: I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education at Appalachian State University. This qualifies me to teach grades K-6. I taught in NC public schools for 9 years, 8 in Kindergarten, and 1 year of 4th grade. I also spent 4 years as a museum & garden educator at a children's museum. This time here was very valuable as I expanded my experience in other areas of education through music & movement, mindfulness/yoga, cooking, farm, garden, and art.

Teaching Philosophy: "Play is the highest form of research". -Albert Einstein

Favorite thing about kids: Kids have an innate curiosity about the world around them as they explore with their senses. In doing so, one must be present & at the moment which children instinctively know how to do. Being able to witness this every day and be a part of their learning, continuously teaches me how to get back to this. We are always learning from one another!

Favorite thing about working at WBNS:

While there are many perks of working at WBNS, being able to utilize nature and the outdoors at any given moment of our day, is the most rewarding experience I have had as an educator. Every day, I am grateful as I look around the mountainside and remember "not all classrooms have four walls."


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