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Jonathan Scruggs | 3rd Grade Instructional Aid

Education/experience: I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia, and my master’s degree in education from Middle Georgia State University. Originally, I set out to be a business student, but it was not until after college that I discovered my love for teaching. I began coaching soccer in my community, which eventually led to substitute teaching. I started my master’s degree the same year that I became a full-time educator. For the last two years I have taught middle school mathematics but am also certified to teach science. I have very much enjoyed teaching in my classroom but am thrilled for the opportunity to transition out of the public school setting and learn all I can!

Teaching Philosophy: I believe ALL students are capable of learning at high levels. I believe if students are pushed to do their best, then anything is possible. I believe that education should never take a one-size-fits-all approach, and it is up to the educators to adapt to their students learning style.

My Favorite thing about Kids: I am extremely passionate about growth. In my time as a soccer coach, I loved to see a child start something challenging and work through it with perseverance and determination. I see that in the classroom as well. Seeing kids become confident in themselves and not needing my help anymore is the most amazing thing.


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