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Kati Puglisi | 4th Grade Instructional Aide, Elementary Arts Teacher

Education & Experience:

Kati Puglisi has been working with children of all ages, in many different settings, for over 15 years. She ran her own home-based preschool, organized several after-school programs and summer camps, and has been a substitute teacher for many different schools. Her expertise and experience are mostly earth-based, including organic farming and permaculture, animal care & wellness, herbal medicine, and plant ID. She is artistic and loves to create with children. She has three sons who were primarily homeschooled during their early education, five cats, and four dogs. Her favorite topics to teach are Outdoor Education and Art.

Teaching Philosophy:

Kids learn best through playful experiences.

What I love about teaching at WBNS:

The freedom! I love having access to 30 acres of beautiful forest or the choice of several different buildings to teach in and around. Also, the staff and the administration!

Favorite thing about kids:

They know how to have FUN!


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