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Kirstin Heape | Student Coach & School Assistant

Education/experience: I received my bachelors degree from Western Carolina University in Natural Resource Conservation and Management. My background is primarily in wildlife studies and I have spent several years conducting research on breeding birds, salamanders, and mammals here in North Carolina. In the past I have also worked as a raft guide on the Chattooga River where safety and fun were our primary goals.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that allowing children to learn in a natural setting enables them to develop crucial problem solving and emotional skills that a standard learning environment cannot provide. I have a passion for educating others on the importance of protecting our natural world, and I feel that teaching empathy and respect through nature creates a unique learning environment. Teaching a new generation to value our landscapes and fellow living beings is what I am most excited about here at Woodson Branch!

My Favorite thing about Kids: Kids have the ability to notice little moments of magic using their imagination and the beauty all around us, it is this passion for experiencing new things that inspires me.


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